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We are a 501c3 non-profit organization that is committed to disseminating knowledge through our practical experience to accelerate the worldwide deployment of low-carbon technologies and solutions. This, in turn, uniquely positions us to bridge the gap between:

  • Conventional and new forms of energy
  • Emerging companies and multinational entities
  • Policy makers and project developers
  • Non-profits and the private markets
  • Academics and the real world
  • Developed and developing nations

By taking the above-listed approach, we can better focus on protecting the biosphere and the communities we serve.

Additionally, members of our Founding Board and Industry Advisory Board, who represent renowned organizations like those listed below, bolster our vision to deliver a low-carbon future.

Global Focus

Developed Nations

  • We actively collaborate with developed nations, which are furthering policies and technologies to attain net zero.
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Developing Nations

  • We leverage solutions from developed nations, for developing nations who are sometimes overlooked and left out of policy decisions.

Examples of our global initiatives

We have actionably engaged with the U.S. government’s Department of Energy to advance carbon capture storage legislation with the Brazilian government. Our Chairman of the Board, Fernando C. Hernandez, is pictured with Brad Crabtree and Adam Wong (top image) in Houston, U.S.

And our South America Chair, Nathália Weber, expanded these discussions in São Paulo, Brazil, with Crabtree (bottom image).

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In Pakistan, we expanded our presence in South Asia by signing the nation’s first low-carbon agreement with the World Times International, part of the World Times Institute, which is Pakistan’s premier Civil Services Exam preparation center. This, in turn, positions us to deliver on a “Just Transition.”

This was overseen by our South Asia Chair, Osama Syed Rizvi, and the Board Chairman, Fernando C. Hernandez (top image).

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Our Vice Chair, Beena Sharma, met with Scotland's Cabinet Secretary for Wellbeing, Economy, Net Zero, and Energy via Màiri McAlla. This occurred at COP28 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. A hand-picked Scottish government delegation included Beena and companies developing next-generation clean technologies.

Since she was a finalist in the “Decarbonization Challenge” at COP28, the Abu Dhabi National Oilfield Company, Amazon Web Services, and bp acknowledged her carbon capture technique.

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Vitally, during all governmental engagements, our focus, as arbitrators of the low-carbon future, is to remain fully non-partisan, in order to strengthen the communities in which we operate.

Our Global Promise

For the benefit of future generations, we are committed to disseminating our knowledge regarding transformative technologies. By doing so, we are:

  • Leading the energy transition initiatives in a measured, actionable, and inclusive manner
  • Creating a balanced world by harnessing the utilization of all forms of energy
  • Resolving the energy trilemma concerns through energy security, sustainability, and affordability
  • Delivering a “Just Transition” that supports developed and developing nations
  • Crafting a low-carbon future where energy enables and empowers everyone, everywhere

Guiding principles

vISION Statement

Our vision is to create a low-carbon future that protects our environment and the communities we serve while also accelerating the world to reach net zero in an equitable way that fosters economic growth and global development.

We are equally committed to being independent, unbiased, and nonpartisan by applying a global and local lens to all our pursuits and initiatives.


Our mission is to further collaboration between nations, catalyze innovation, and promote education to accelerate the adoption of low-carbon technologies that protect our environment and the communities we serve.

We focus on championing a wiser and global perspective on energy utilization, decarbonization, and reaching net zero in an inclusive manner.

Help sustain what has sustained you

Strategic principle

Solving by serving, and serving by solving.

Core Values

Equity. Diversity. Connectivity. Ingenuity. Accountability.

Altruistic pledge

We promise to be altruistic in all our efforts by giving back to society, promoting the use of diverse energies, and enhancing the biosphere through strategic collaborations.

For this reason, we place a premium on fostering international partnerships across the energy and low-carbon value chains to deliver cohesive net-zero solutions. This extends to governments, societal stakeholders, other non-profits, the private sector, and academic institutions.

Our Energy Basket approach

As the energy transition unfolds, the Energy Basket is an energy transition tool which we embrace as it brings together the world of energies, and bypasses divisive rhetoric that can pit one form of energy against another. Our message, when it comes to this tool and low carbon: all forms of energy are beneficial when used responsibly. This term was coined by the Society for Low Carbon Technologies’ leadership, as featured in the Journal of Petroleum Technology.

Our commitment to the Energy Basket compels us to advocate for the following disciplines:

  • Abating greenhouse gases
  • Agricultural technologies
  • Battery storage
  • Carbon capture

  • Climate technologies
  • Conventional energies
  • Flare mitigation
  • Geothermal

  • Hydropower
  • Hydrogen
  • Innovative technologies
  • Low Carbon Solutions
  • Net zero advancements

  • New Energies
  • Nuclear
  • Sustainable Fuels and derivatives
  • Solar & Wind

Our Founding board

Our altruistic pledge compels our Founding Board and all members of our organization to operate on a voluntary basis, without expectation of direct or indirect compensation.

Additionally, diversity and inclusion are embedded in our organizational DNA, given that our Founding Board is composed of 6 women and 5 men from different continents. We proudly represent both developed and developing nations, which gives us a global perspective on advancing an equitable low-carbon future.

Chairman of the Board

Fernando C. Hernandez

Award-Winning Technology Mentor at Net Zero Technology Centre

Vice Chair

Beena Sharma

Chief Executive Officer at CCU International

Executive Board Director

David Reid

Chief Technology Officer

at NOV

European Outreach Director

Kornel Rost

VP at Scottish Development International

South Asia Chair

Osama Rizvi

Head of Academics at World Times Institute


Michelle Juarez

Financial Planning Analyst at

Kinder Morgan

Community Affairs Director

Kattya Lorena Distefano

Commercial Manager at

T. Parker Host

Executive Council

Rudy de la Fuente

Executive Council Proprietor and Vice President at Industrial Gas Consultants

Strategic Communications

Jennifer Prince

Principal at JNPR Creative

Strategic Marketing Director

Alissa Nixon

Head of Vertical Operations and Marketing at Siemens USA

South America Chair

Nathália Weber

Co-Founder of Carbon Capture Storage Brazil

Founding Board Members











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Voice of the industry

Our Founding Board has joined forces with influential and notable individuals who are part of our Industry Advisory Board, and they represent the academic, private industry, non-profit, and government sectors. Our globally based advisors are critical to enhancing our mission and vision. They provide crucial guidance to our Founding Board and play an important role in our expansion and growth.

Additionally, they are highly versed in the realms listed below:

  • Advancing public policy matters and legislation
  • Dedicating time, energy, and resources to augment altruistic causes
  • Investments in the energy and low-carbon domains

  • Economic development and social progress
  • Leading non-profits on a local and global level
  • Mentoring the next generation of low carbon professionals

  • Participating in clean technology hubs and accelerators
  • Patenting innovations and completing unique projects
  • Promoting energy and low-carbon entrepreneurship
  • Spearheading global net zero initiatives
  • Strategic philanthropy and government partnerships
  • Mentorship with a focus on societal and community development

Membership philosophy

As a non-profit, membership in our organization cannot be purchased, as we believe in the power of merit-based and vetted appointments, which extends to our Founding Board and Advisory Board.

  • Notably, we also have a Volunteer Board that allows individuals to get involved in all things related to low-carbon and societal empowerment.

  • We remain ethically available to all and energetically devote our time and resources to philanthropic and societal causes.

Contact Information

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